Software Principles

At Joomri, we put a lot of thought into improving your online experience. We’re alarmed by what we believe is a growing disregard for your rights as computer users. We’ve seen increasing reports of spyware and other applications that trick you in order to serve you pop-up ads or hijack your browser from the site you’re trying to visit.

We don't see this trend reversing itself. In fact, it's getting worse. As a provider of services and monetization for users, advertisers and publishers on the Internet, we feel a responsibility to be proactive about these issues. We've outlined a set of principles we believe our industry should adopt. We aim to follow these guidelines ourselves with the applications we distribute. And because we strongly believe these principles are good for the industry and users worldwide, we encourage our current and prospective business partners to adopt them as well. These guidelines are, by necessity, broad. Software creation and distribution are complex and the technology is continuously evolving. As a result, some useful applications may not comply entirely with these principles and some deceptive practices may not be addressed here. This document is only a start, and focuses on the areas of Internet software and advertising. These guidelines need to be continually updated to keep pace with ever-changing technology.